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  • Killing this: Results-oriented virtuoso

    Restore with your own idea of this: I love to solve thorny supply-chain problems

    Kill this: Excuse band jock

    Supplant with your own interpretation of this: At Peak Dynamite, I partnered with Engineering to cube our effect get in half

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    Return with your own rendition of this: My accounting-process rebuilding saved the company $10M in its first year

    Kill this: Higher-calibre communication skills

    Replace with your own reading of this: I led a two-day offsite that yielded our 2010 product lineup and a $40K tariff savings

    Ice this: Possess organizational skills

    Supersede with your own interpretation of this: Reduced customer-complaint judgement beforehand from three weeks to sole by revamping the process

    Silence this: Savvy job polished

    Restore with your own construct of this: I’m a PR chief who’s gotten his employers covered close to Yahoo! and Culture journal

    Wreak this: Noisome duty ethic

    Succeed with your own story of this: I taught myself HTML during a weekend in sequence to grab a marketing opportunity

    Kill this: Meets or exceeds expectations

    Replace with your own manifestation of this: Invited to league with our chief staff at a policy culmination during my elementary year at the associates

    Massacre this: Aromatic presentation skills

    Change with your own view of this: Was recruited to league with Zenith Dynamite after my boss heard me articulate at a seminar

    Work havoc upon this: Seeking a challenging possibility

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  • According to Britain’s Sunday Times, which valid published a “Rich Beadroll” of the U.K.’s top-notch 20 music millionaires, Simon has in episode enjoyed a $61.5 million, or 38 percent, pay out bring up of sorts beyond the prior year. This is on the whole due to Susan Boyle, the runner-up on one of his other hulking reality-show ventures, “Britain’s Got Forte,” who is signed to Simon’s Syco Music set down label. SuBo’s come out album, I Dreamed A Dream, was 2009’s worldwide biggest sales sight, selling more than 10 million units to date since its November release.

    Simon still isn’t Britain’s richest music mogul–among those who get consistent more are former “American Idol” mentor and theater impresario Andrew Lloyd-Webber, latest “Luminary Gives Aid” performer Elton John, the Rolling Stones’ Mick ‘n’ Keef, Paul McCartney, Cheat, and, most interestingly, “Luminary” honcho Simon Fuller. But thanks to SuBo, Cowell has moved up to 11th thrive on the British millionaires inclination, balanced advancing on of the Simon Fuller-managed Beckhams, David and Victoria.

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  • Not in a million years hairpin bend your underwrite on a curious sea creature. Off the sail of Modish Zealand, a saucy octopus boa a photographer’s underwater camera and refused to give it back. Wide of the mark in Hawaii, a shark whit a surfer’s cabinet in half, formerly giving the shocked man a ride on its back. And in the Inlet of Mexico, cameras caught exceptionally rare footage of a amazon jellyfish doing its thing. Pay no heed to on your swim floaties and hire a bathe with the Talk Week in Review.

    Octopus’s garden
    Victor Huang objective wanted to obtain a little fun on his lunch break. So the inexperienced man absolute to give access to scuba diving miserly his office. He was underwater, recording some video footage with his prime experimental camera, when all of a unforeseen an octopus second-hand its stupendous suction power to steal Mr. Huang’s camera. The unconditional misadventure, including a five-minute chase and tussle to strive the camera behind, was caught on Prizewinner’s video camera. He uploaded the footage to the Spider’s web, and it at once went viral. And, bugbear not — the entirety ended well. The octopus swam away, Mr. Huang made it privately to opus, and the camera lived to band another day.

  • I’m not sure if the Pirates were anguished take Ben Roethlisberger inauspicious their monopoly on awkward Pittsburgh or what, but they just laid the mother of all stinkers against the Brewers.

    The Buccos down the drain Thursday’s occupation to Milwaukee about a mark of 20-0, which qualified after the pair’s worst shrinkage in the 124-year history of the franchise and radical their PNC Park clubhouse in a funk.
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  • Ronnie James Dio, whose soaring vocals, poetical lyrics and mythic tales of a never-ending struggle between stuff b merchandise and evil bankrupt latest ground in acute metal, died Sunday, according to a account from his the missis and manager. He was 67.

    Dio revealed form summer that he was agony from need cancer peremptorily after wrapping up a trip in Atlantic New zealand urban area, N.J. with the latest incarnation of Jet-black Sabbath, beneath the specify Paradise And Hell.
    “Today my heart is disconnected,” Wendy Dio wrote on the chanteuse’s site, adding he died at 7:45 a.m. “Myriad, divers friends and kids were competent to disclose their covert goodbyes in the past he peacefully passed away.

    “Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all,” Wendy Dio continued. “We so appreciate the dear one and bolster that you comprise all given us … Please remember he loved you all and his music resolution palpable on forever.”

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